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Kildeer Point

We are pleased to report the recent completion of an erosion reduction project on the east side of China Lake near Kildeer Point!

The property was originally identified during the 2020 Watershed Survey as an NPS (nonpoint source) pollution site. During the follow-up site evaluation in Fall 2022, CLA recommended stabilizing the path to the dock, increasing the shoreline buffer and treating roof run-off.

Under the supervision of CLA’s Watershed Coordinator Joshua Haiss, CRLA’s Youth Conservation Corps built a set of 13 infiltration steps that included a railing and embankment bracing, placed crushed stone directly underneath the roof’s drip line to prevent run-off, and planted a shoreline buffer containing a variety of plants and erosion control mulch.

We’re proud to say the property owner is very pleased with the results; we (and the lake!!) are, too!

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