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2020 Annual Meeting

Jun 10, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic and our inability to meet in large groups, there will be no meeting this Summer. While we are disappointed to announce this, we will communicate with you through our 2020 newsletter, which will be posted here.

In addition, we will be sharing a presentation by Erynn Call, who is with the Bangor Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department.  She has agreed to videotape her presentation on eagles

China Lake Watershed (red), 2022 U.S. Census Block (green)
China Lake Watershed (red), 2022 U.S. Census Block Group 1-3 subdivisions (green)
China Lake Watershed (red), Watershed households (green) and non-Watershed households (blue)
2022 China Lake Watershed Economic Contributions to Kennebec County
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