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Watershed Remediation
Grant Program

Attention China Lake Watershed and Shorefront Property Owners!

Cost-share funds are available in 2024-2025 to reduce erosion in the China Lake Watershed! A $100,608 federal grant provides cost-sharing and technical assistance from professional staff to qualifying landowners, road associations, and towns. Residential matching grants up to $1,400 each equal to 50% of the total project cost are available. All property owners in the China Lake Watershed are eligible, but priority will be given to properties identified during the 2020 watershed survey, or with obvious erosion or stormwater runoff.

The China Region Lakes Alliance’s (CRLA) Conservation Corps may be available to assist with installation at residential sites. Residential projects will include conservation practices that help treat stormwater runoff before it reaches the lake. Examples include planting shoreline buffers, installing roof dripline trenches, infiltration steps, runoff diverters for paths and driveways, and stabilizing eroding soil with erosion control mix.

Larger, non-residential projects such as gravel roads, commercial development, boat/beach access sites throughout the watershed are also eligible for matching grants up to 50% of the project cost. A total of 11 non-residential projects are expected to be completed. A professional staff person will conduct a technical site visit and prepare a site plan at each site.

To get started, fill out the online request form or call CLA’s dedicated Watershed Remediation Request Line at (207) 200-6640.

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