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2024 Shoreline Buffer Campaign

Sep 25, 2023

We're pleased to announce our upcoming shoreline buffer campaign!


This campaign fulfills a key part of the China Lake Watershed-based Management Plan's (WBMP) strategy to address phosphorus coming from the watershed and is coming to fruition thanks to the financial support of Kennebec Savings Bank, Kennebec Water District and a grant from section 319 of the US EPA's Clean Water Act.


Throughout 2024, the campaign will offer:


  • Public education about the role shoreline buffers play in preventing phosphorus from getting into China Lake.

  • “Buffer Bundles” — kits of hardy native plants that prevent erosion and filter phosphorus — available for purchase from local nurseries.

  • Hands-on workshop/s for landowners who would receive Buffer Bundles and instructions on how to plant them at home. 

As a reminder, WBMP aims to restore China Lake’s water quality by stopping algae blooms caused by phosphorus and mitigate future negative impacts to the watershed caused by development and climate change. It was launched in 2022 after being researched and written by scientists, published by local stakeholders and approved by Maine DEP.


We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of this campaign via email, our website and social media (Facebook/Instagram). 


Together, we can -- and will -- preserve China Lake for future generations!

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