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China Region Lakes Alliance Seeking Seasonal Executive Director

Jan 24, 2024


The China Region Lakes Alliance would like to talk with passionate and enthusiastic candidates for this leadership position. The CRLA is a 501(c)3 coalition of three local lake associations, municipalities, and the Kennebec Water District with a mission for making a positive impact on water quality in the China region through environment stewardship and community action.

This is a part-time seasonal (March – October) position requiring a unique blend of administrative responsibilities, field supervision and coalition building. Compensation is competitive and the schedule flexible.

To Apply

Send a letter of intent or resume to

Position Description

The mission of the CRLA is to improve and protect the water quality of China Lake, Threemile Pond, and Webber Pond through education and erosion control work. The 501(c)3 organization is governed by a Board of Directors who represent the lake associations, Kennebec Water District, and the municipalities of China and Vassalboro.

The Executive Director is the key leader for CRLA and assures that programs and projects provided by the CRLA are consistent with the mission and objectives set forth by the Board of Directors.

  1. Fiscal oversight

    1. Develop and execute an annual budget ensuring alignment with organizational objectives. Report, as requested, to the Board.

    2. Oversee the maintenance of the CRLA database and documents ensuring accurate and up-to-date information and goals.

    3. Implement best practices to ensure the successful execution of regional initiatives.

    4. Develop and implement board-approved plans to secure appropriate funds to support the programs and goals of the CRLA. Assist fundraising and grant management efforts with collaborating lake associations, state and federal departments, municipalities, and others.

    5. Assure appropriate reporting to board, grant and other funding sources.

  2. Community Relations and Collaborations

    1. Grow awareness of water quality issues through engagement of community members, like-minded associations, municipalities, state and federal agencies, Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, MaineLakes, Lake Stewards of Maine, Kennebec Water District and others.

    2. Increase visibility of the CRLA and its mission.

    3. Implement, monitor, and report on the status of all Board initiatives.

    4. Establish relationships with regional municipalities, State and Federal agencies, Kennebec Water District and other parties to secure funding and other resources to support goals and programs.

  3. Program and Project Management

    1. Implement project management best practices to ensure the successful execution of CRLA’s goals. Oversee accurate and timely data is maintained and available on all projects.

    2. Highest Priority - Courtesy Boat Inspection Program Management:

      1. Coordinate the Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) Program throughout its operating season, such as recruitment, training, managing schedules and first-line supervision overseeing the inspection process.

      2. Implement improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the CBI Program.

      3. Collaborate with other Lake Associations, Maine Lakes, State and Federal departments to address water quality issues.

    3. Priority - Youth Conservation Corps Coordination:

      1. Plan and coordinate Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) projects, such as recruitment, training, managing schedules and first-line supervision for YCC crew members.

      2. Address project bottlenecks by ensuring adequate support, time, and resources, collaborating with designated forepersons.

      3. Assure adequate support, time and resources are available to support the identified projects.

    4. Priority - LakeSmart program:

      1. Oversee regional LakeSmart program efforts.

      2. Coordinate CRLA LakeSmart program with Lake Smart volunteers, MaineLakes, and other appropriate lake associations and resources.

    5. Priority - Safety Training and Documentation:

      1. Conduct safety training for CBI, YCC crew members and maintain comprehensive documentation of training records.

      2. Ensure compliance with safety protocols and regulations during all field activities.

Required Skills and Experience
  1. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, scheduling software (Google Calendar,, social media

  2. Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  3. Ability to build positive relationships with the CRLA Board, LakeSmart, YCC, CBI personnel, homeowners, and other stakeholders involved in CRLA's programs.

  4. Experience as an administrator and a field supervisor.

  5. Strong interpersonal skills, particularly with youth, making schoolteachers and mentor-type experience highly valuable.

  6. Local knowledge of the China region a plus.

China Region Lakes Alliance (CRLA)

PO Box 6339, China Village, Maine 04926

Job Title: Executive Director, China Region Lakes Alliance

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