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Ice Out 2024

Our 2nd Annual Ice Out Contest is here, but -- the way the weather's going -- it might be over before it's begun! Enter our Ice Out contest TODAY to support CLA's awareness and restoration efforts and you could win a $75 gift certificate bundle to Lakeview Lumber, The Landing and MJEK Seafood & Grill ($25 each)!  CONTEST DETAILS: 

  1. Enter online by clicking the button below or by check** made payable to China Lake Association, P.O. Box 6215, China Village, ME 04926.

  2. $10 per entry, unlimited entries

  3. Guess any date/s between now and Ice Out*

  4. Contest open until The TownLine announces Ice Out

  5. In case of tie, winner will be selected at random from correct guesses

  6. If noone picks the correct date, the winner will be selected at random from ALL entries

Ex: $50 entry = 5 guesses for the same date or up to 5 unique guesses (5 different dates).




Finally, for reference, we graphed The TownLine's previously published Ice Out dates below. NOTE: Between 1874-2023, Ice Out data wasn't consecutively recorded for 54 yrs., so only 96 yrs. of data exist.

* Defined as the date published by The TownLine. 
Checks must be postmarked prior to Ice Out and list date guesses to qualify for entry.

Ice Out Dates.png

Thanks to our sponsors: Lakeview Lumber, The Landing and MJEK Seafood & Grill!

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