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For Those Who Could Not Attend the Annual Meeting

Aug 27, 2021

We can now share the presentation Jennifer Jespersen made at the 2021 annual meeting. Titled “Watershed-based Management Plan Update,” it is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the relationship between water quality and the activities in surrounding areas that have an impact on it.

Outgoing CLA President Scott Pierz with keynote speaker Jennifer Jespersen at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

EI_ChinaLakeWBMP_CLA_AnnualMeeting_30July21-no animations
Download PDF • 7.02MB

China Lake Watershed (red), 2022 U.S. Census Block (green)
China Lake Watershed (red), 2022 U.S. Census Block Group 1-3 subdivisions (green)
China Lake Watershed (red), Watershed households (green) and non-Watershed households (blue)
2022 China Lake Watershed Economic Contributions to Kennebec County
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