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Small "Backyard" Farm Workshop Hosted by KCSWCD

Jan 25, 2024

China Town Office, 571 Lakeview Drive, South China, ME 04358

March 13th 4-5:30 PM (with March 14th snow date)


The Kennebec Soil and Water Conservation District Office will be hosting a small farm workshop for those small farms interested in improving the water quality of China Lake.  Please share this opportunity.


This workshop is geared towards small scale, “backyard” farms in the China Lake region who are interested in improving the health and sustainability of their natural resources.  The talk will focus on water quality issues commonly found on small farms, best management practices for managing these issues and programs that provide financial and technical assistance to implement these practices.

Backyard farms are small-scale operations that raise livestock for personal use and enjoyment, such as raising a few hens for egg production or keeping horses for pleasure riding. Producing food and fiber on any scale involves activities that can affect the quality of water resources within your watershed.  Livestock operations produce waste, which if not properly managed, can threaten human health as well as contribute pollutants to streams, rivers and lakes.


There are a number of common-sense practices that local backyard farmers can use to minimize their impact on China Lake. If implemented properly, these practices not only protect water quality, but can also improve the efficiency of the farming operation. At the workshop, Jeff Dennis from Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) will be speaking about common water quality issues arising from small farms and the best management practices to address these issues.  Chuck Penny from Maine Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will be showcasing NRCS programs that provide cost-share and technical assistance for the installation of these practices.


Interested participants can register for this free workshop via email or by calling Dale Finseth, at the Kennebec Soil and Water Conservation District Office at 207-480-3927.

China Lake Watershed (red), 2022 U.S. Census Block (green)
China Lake Watershed (red), 2022 U.S. Census Block Group 1-3 subdivisions (green)
China Lake Watershed (red), Watershed households (green) and non-Watershed households (blue)
2022 China Lake Watershed Economic Contributions to Kennebec County
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